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About Renée New Hejazeen

The Painter of Colorful Mosaic Dream Art
"tjukurrpa" or "dreamings"
Aboriginal Dreams

Butterfly Lady by Renee New HejazeenGrowing up near the Redwood Forest of the coastal mountains above San Jose, California, Renée developed a heightened awareness for the Natural Wonders of the World around her. Today she intertwines images of the mystical forest with mythical animals and historical images so the viewer can enjoy a world of peacefulness, nature and mythology. Often her work will offer the viewer a place to reflect on a more spiritual level as well as a transcendental experience.

My paintings are inspired by beauty, nature, and a style of Les Fauves dream design. I believe that color should be used to express one’s feelings about a subject. Most of my paintings revolve around the moon. "I always want to paint the moon because it reminds me of the night I lay in the desert," it reminds me of a recent visit to the Wadi-Ram desert in Jordan. It is a desert wildlife preserve. "At night there is no light coming from any-where… it is completely black. When I lay on the desert floor and gazed up at the stars, I felt as though I could touch them. It was completely quiet… the sound was the sound of quietness… the sound of no sound… it had a haunting beauty." My paintings begin with the moon, painted in a method of mosaic stippling designed for its multi-dimensional effect. Then I blend other colors that work with it. In my wildlife paintings, it is often a bird that completes the composition. I´ll find a bird that will coordinate with my colors, which are all warm colors except blue/mauve, and I´ll make sure it´s anatomically correct. The rest of the painting comes from my head. Even figurative pieces, the moon is present, creating the aura for… always women. All the images are universal and personal vision, a way of interpreting the beauty of nature. While in the desert, I realized it is impossible to paint something so huge as that night sky or the grandeur of nature on earth, so I strive to capture the essence of a part of it in each of my works.

Renee's Artwork is presently displayed @ The Galeria Tonantzin @ San Juan Bautista, CA and Galiara, with The Artists Alley Gallery, San Francisco, CA. Also, has published with New Art International, Book Art Press 1994-1995 and 2000-2001; through-out the United States, Canada and England. Also published with International Contemporary Artists throughout the United States and Europe 2011-2012.

Continue to walk in beauty.

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