The Painter of Colorful Mosaic Dream Art
"tjukurrpa" or "dreamings"
Aboriginal Dreams

Tribal Sleep WalkerMy RNHarts inspiration comes from beauty, nature and a style of art called “Les Fauves” dream design. To create my personal vision, I believe that color should be used to express one’s feelings about a subject, rather than simply describe what it looks like.

Please look at my web site ( for additional giclée prints and originals.

Galeria Tonantzin

The gallery displays Renée’s original artworks. Galeria Tonantzin means Corn Goddess. San Juan Bautista is a Spiritual Center for Native Americans, a California Mission town, a center for antiques and art sold in historical buildings that line Third street and the home of El Teatro Campesimo. For more information on the gallery of Renée’s artwork please email or call the gallery at (831) 623-2783.


Newest Work - Tribal Sky Watcher Desert Earth Gazer

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